Travelling Terms
LINE: Trip routes which are between the determined transport points based on the permissions obtained pursuant to the laws. CORPORATION CONTROLLED AREA: All areas that are controlled by BUDO staff and also cover the vessel starting from open and closed areas of the passenger terminals. PASSENGER TRANSPORT CONTRACT: It is the contract which is concluded for and on behalf of the carrier in order to transport the passenger and baggage via seaway. TRIP: It is the sea travel provided on the defined days and at defined times in the sea lines allocated to BURULAŞ A.Ş. PROCESS DAY: It is the calendar day when the Transport Contract is concluded for any trip that is announced at and the Passenger Ticket buying procedure is performed. TRIP DATE and TIME: Departure date and time of the trip which is purchased on the process day. CANCELLATION OF TRIP: Cancellation of the sea bus trips between Istanbul and Bursa (Mudanya) due to the force majeure events. PASSENGER TICKET: Valid document granting the travelling right. TRAVEL FEE: It is the amount paid against trip purchased for once. SERVICE FEE: Additional fees added to the fare of travel purchased for once. CHANGE FEE: Additional fee paid in case of changing the purchased ticket in the manner and under the conditions defined in the Terms and Conditions. CANCELLATION & REFUND: It is the penalty fee that will be charged if the ticket is cancelled by the passenger within the specific hour (please check CANCELLATION AND REFUND) before the departure time of journey BAGGAGE: In the journey via seaway, it is the stuff and bag of the passenger who is transported pursuant to the Passenger Transport Contract. DAMAGE: As providing the transport service by the carrier, the damages arising from such transport service or other services depending on this transport or from the events such as delaying, damage, loss, injury, death, etc. due to them. 2. OBLIGATIONS OF CARRIER 2.1 Providing the transport service to and checking the baggage of passenger. 2.2 Providing all necessary safety and comfort conditions during the journey 2.3 In the event that the trip is cancelled due to the force majeure events, performing the cancellation procedure. In the event that it delays due to any reason, except the force majeure events, eliminating the delay as soon as possible and providing the continuity of trip. 2.4 Transporting the passenger and his/her baggage within the announced travelling periods. It shall not be liable for delaying of trip due to any reason beyond its control (weather conditions, police controls etc.). 2.5 In cases where technical problems related to transportation or passenger safety require it, the means of transportation can be changed and the trip can be cancelled.
 2.6 It reserves the right to not transport the passenger and his/her baggage changing the route of vessel due to the below listed reasons during the travel. a) In the cases of being obliged to observe the instructions from public authorities or any legal regulation or security procedures related to the natural disaster or national security; b) In case of terrorist attack, any external attack or disorder threat the security, and in the events occurred beyond the control of carrier such as possible or occurred natural disasters or bad weather conditions; c) As a result of incoming denunciations, in the event that it is arbitrary to make the passenger get off and to unload his/her baggage from the vehicle regarding the security; 2.7 Except those defined above, the right of rejecting or discontinuing the transport granted by the concerned Sea Transport Law and Regulations to the carrier is valid exactly. 2.8 Carrier reserves the right to not allow the passenger to get on and to load his/her baggage onto the sea bus and to not permit the starting of journey. a) Occurring of any event not conforming to the announced Passenger Transport Contract and conditions, b) Being drunk so as disturbing others, c) Not providing the child who travels with the guardian to obey the safe travelling conditions by his/her guardian, d) Not observing the rules which the sea bus staff declares in order to be observed, e) Acting so as endangering the trip or putting the other passengers’ safety in risk, f) Having the attitude, mood or using the verbal expressions which are corrupt, containing violence, g) Determining that he/she brings the lethal weapon such as fire gun etc., h) Determining that he/she is contagious, i) Failing to submit the documents which it is made them compulsory to be submitted by the public authorities or carrier, when requested, j) Determining that it is desired to transport the hazardous substances such as flammable, explosive, combustible, corrosive, poisonous substances etc. as the cargo. 2.9 Except the aforesaid events, if the vessel staff deems necessary, then the right to not transport the passenger is reserved making an explanation. 3. OBLIGATIONS OF PASSENGERS 3.1 General Terms and Conditions a) The passenger should insert the baggage, except his/her hand bag, to the compartment to be showed by the staff during the trip. b) During the journey, passengers must put their luggage, except their hand luggage, in the division shown by the officers. c) Unless the staff doesn’t allow it, he/she should not leave the vehicle in the arrival terminal. d) The passenger should observe all rules and instructions from the staff related to the travel and baggage during the journey. e) The passenger should be in the departure terminal at least 15 minutes before trip hour. Otherwise, the carrier may reject to provide the transport service to the passenger through the right granted by the Passenger Transport Contract without returning the fare. f) It is forbidden to smoke and similar substances and to consume the alcohol and to use other drugs within the vehicle. g) The passenger should observe all announcements by the authorized staff of vessel related to the trip safety and for the direction purpose in case of emergencies. h) The passenger is insured against all possible accidents which may arise during the transport within the vehicle. The insurance doesn’t cover the accidents occurred as a result of natural disasters. Except where the carrier is gross defective, the passenger may not claim for compensation of loss which they suffers. 3.2 Transporting of Children a) The children younger than 10 years-old may not travel without their guardian. b) It is compulsory that all passengers, 6 years-old or older, shall travel on a separate seat. 3.3 Transporting of Disabled Passengers a) The disabled passengers may only travel under the companion of an adult. The accompanying person must buy the Passenger Ticket for journey. 4. CARRYING THE BAGGAGE 4.1 The Size and Quantity of Bags that may be carried during the Journey a) The passenger may keep one in-cabin hand bag (not exceeding total 8 kg) and one suitcase (not exceeding total 25 kg) with them. The passengers must pay extra 1 full fare for the stuffs such as other bags, loads, etc. that they would bring extra. b) Hand bag may not be left on the aisles so as obstructing the movement of other passengers. Carrier has right to not allow the hand bags not meeting those requirements to be brought into the passenger hall. c) The hand-luggage may not be placed on passage corridors in a way that will obstruct movements of other passengers. The transporter has the right not to let such luggage in the passenger lounge. 4.2 General Terms & Conditions a) BUDO reserves the right to not carry any bag not meeting such criteria determined by these terms & conditions. b) The disabled passengers may bring all auxiliary equipment including the wheelchair without charge to the sea bus. c) When the valuable articles are transported, it is recommended that baggage should be insured by the passenger. d) The carrier reserves the right to check the baggage content and to control it conforming to the transport conditions at any time and with any reason within the corporate controlled area. 4.3 Bags Banned to be Transported or to Have Transported a) It is banned to transport the bag or bring the material and stuff to the vessel which are illegal, may endanger the trip safety, harm to other passenger or BUDO staff, cause trouble. b) It is banned to transport all stuffs and objects which are banned to be transported by the firm providing the different transport or handling service. 4.4 Baggage Loss a) The bags, which their owner may not be determined, shall be unloaded by the BUDO staff from the vehicle, and shall be delivered to the Lost Property Office upon taking from the vessel according to the terms and conditions determined by BURULAŞ Bursa Mass Transportation Business Administration Tourism Ind. And Trade, Inc. c) BUDO shall not be liable for losing of the Bag, Hand Bag and personal stuff which the passenger keeps with. The passenger should denunciate the lost to the official before leaving the corporate controlled area and should fill the Lost Property Form, after this form is completed, it should be signed both by the passenger and BUDO staff and the original of form should be kept by the staff and copy by the passenger. d) The passenger hereby acknowledges that the legal regulations shall be valid for the matters not mentioned here related to the lost baggage. e) The baggage, not requested by the owner, shall be kept in the Lost Property Office maximum for 1 year. 5. DISCOUNT TICKET TERMS AND FARE INFOS The Free or Discount Travel Cards Regulation of The Ministry of Family and Social Policies, clearly describes beneficiaries of inner city public transport via road and sea transport and organizations that provide this opportunity. Passengers who bought discount tickets are responsible to submit BUDO Terminal Staff their certificate which indicates their rights to benefit from the regulation during controls. If passenger couldn’t submit his/her certificate shall be guided to Ticket Office by BUDO staff. Ticket Agent arranges new ticket by reflecting the price gap. 6. PASSENGER TICKET, CHANGE, CANCELLATION-REFUND a) The right of travelling with this document may not be assigned to someone else. b) CHANGE: If the ticket is not printed out, the change is made on the ticket through internet and call center until 1 hour before trip, but if the ticket is printed out, through the ticket office/agents. c) Buying the ticket means that those conditions are accepted by the passenger. Passengers whose round-trip tickets are not purchased at the same time and whose round-trip flight is canceled by BURULAŞ due to force majeure can cancel their return ticket without interruption through our Call Center. d) 35 TL of change fee is charged in the change procedures to be performed through Internet, Call Center, Ticket office and Agents. e) Passenger Ticket grants right to whom buying it to travel in the trip and at such time defined on the purchasing date. The passenger may not claim the transportation right for any other trip. f) Passenger Ticket, bought by the Passenger, substitutes for the invoice which issued according to the relevant VAT regulations. g) The person, purchasing the Passenger Ticket, shall be responsible for the correctness of information given by him/her for this journey. h) BUDO staff has right to check if Budo ticket belongs to the passenger who desires to get on the vehicle requesting a valid ID document. ı) No booking is allowed for the journey without performing the purchasing procedure. i) The Passenger should sit on the seat which its number is indicated on the ticket. However, when necessary, BUDO staff has right to change the seat of passenger. j) CANCELLATION AND REFUND: In case where there is more than 12 hours to the time of departure, tickets purchased from can be cancelled for a penalty of 15% of the ticket price. In case where there is 1-12 hours to the time of departure, tickets purchased from can be cancelled for a penalty of 35% of the ticket price. Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be changed within 1 hour before the time of departure. k) BURULAŞ, Inc. has right to change those rules without informing, if deems necessary. l) The Passenger should give all information (PNR Number, trip date and time, payment method and details) related to the journey which he/she would like to change to the Call Center official, when requested. The changes via Internet are available at It is not possible to allow the passengers failing to provide such information to change the journey. m) In the ticket change from ticket offices and agents, the change fees are collected in cash. n) For all other conditions and terms, visit or call the Call Center 0850 850 99 16 . o) The trips that are cancelled by the Carrier shall be announced to the passengers on the internet page, Tickets which are bought from any sales point, cancellation info is notified via SMS, if any cell phone number is provided by passenger. If info SMSs provided by Carrier are not to be delivered (in case of wrong GSM number given by passenger, problems caused by SMS Provider such as delays or not to deliver) BUDO/BURULAŞ may not be held responsible. Announcements made from web site will be considered as valid. ö) If the return ticket is purchased, cancellation of departure doesn’t require the cancellation of return. Our passengers may request the reimbursement of return fares, if they wish so. p) The trips to be cancelled by the carrier shall be announced to the passengers on the internet page, from Call Center and terminals. It is notified via SMS, if any cell phone number is provided, in case of purchasing the ticket via internet. r) The passenger may not claim any right against BUDO due to delaying at the departure and arrival times. 7. FORCE MAJEURE a) Natural disaster or obligation to observe the instructions from public authorities or any legal regulation or security procedures related to the national security, b) Events beyond the control of carrier such as terrorist attack, any external attack or disorder threatening the trip safety, possible or actual natural disasters or bad weather conditions, c) As a result of incoming denunciations, the cases where it is necessary to have the passenger get off and to unload the bag from the vehicle for the security of vehicle staff are considered within the scope of force majeure events. 8. TIME TABLES They are announced in the internet site for information purpose. 9. FARE They are announced in the internet site for information purpose. 10. DOMESTIC ANIMALS a) Small pets such as dogs, cats, dogs, rabbits that do not fit in the cage (provided that they wear a mouthpiece) can be carried in the hand cage in the special section reserved for pets in the passenger lounge shown by the BUDO staff. b) Birds can be transported in the passenger lounge provided that they are in the cage. c) The pets shall have the transport documents conforming to the relevant laws and health certificates to be submitted, when requested in any case. d) Under no circumstances does BUDO accept liability for the deterioration of the health of the animal before, during or after the crossing.  f) According to new regulation, your pets will be allowed to travel on our sea buses with PASSPORT, which shows that they are registered to the PETVET system as of January 1, 2023. Our friends who does not have a PASSPORT will not be taken to the vehicles. Pet owners who could not obtain a passport will be able to travel by showing the EXCEPTION DOCUMENTS obtained from the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture.
11. MISCELLANEOUS c) If the passenger obtains the negative result from his/her complaint which he/she submits it to the carrier, then he/she may refer the matter to the Turkish Bursa Courts. d) This contract’s provisions may not include the terms and conditions which are contrary to the Turkish Laws. Cancellation or invalidity of any provision due to the law shall not affect the validity of remaining provisions. 12. COMPLAINTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS All complaints and recommendations related to the BUDO services may be submitted through Complaint-Recommendation Form at to the Call Center and through the Complaint-Recommendation Form available in the terminals and vessels.