Frequently Asked Question
The children between 0-6 years-old and younger are not charged. Our passengers older than 6 years-old are charged over the discounted tariff.
You may access to Budo sea bus pier via F1, F3, 2U, 1M lines.
There is not any car park service which BURULAŞ BUDO provides.
You may get information at or from Call Center at 444 99 16. In addition, you will also be informed via SMS to be sent to your cell phone.
1 hour 50 min.
If the return ticket is purchased, cancellation of departure doesn’t require the cancellation of return. Our passengers may request the reimbursement of return fares until at least the last one (1) hour before the trip, if they wish so. For information, call 444 99 16 or visit
First of all, you should apply to the terminal officials and fill the lost property form.
Students (up to 27 years old) can benefit from the discount.
There is not any shuttle service.
Yes, you may display your ticket entering PNR Number and your Turkish ID Number to MY TICKETS tab on our web page.
Our vehicles are the Sea Buses. It is not possible to travel with the personal car, pickup truck etc.
There is not any special baggage area for bicycles in BUDO sea buses and it is limited with maximum two bicycles. Your demands exceeding 2 bicycles may not be met.
One may travel upon delivering it to the Captain and provided that it will be registered.
As a travelling rule, the ticket may not be cancelled, but you may change the trip date and time that are available against 3 Lira service fee. The tickets, which the departure time is less than 1 hour, may not be changed.
You purchase your tickets in the ticket sales offices , Şehreküstüist. Personalization office and Hamitler ist. Personalization Office, Uludağ University Personalization office, Bursa Terminal Personalization office BUDO ticket offices at Eminönü/Sirkeci, Mudanya Piers, Call Center and via internet.
The age limit, recognized for our students, is 27. The students older than 27 years-old, are not covered by the discounted tariff.
There may be later. For now, it is a project.